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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to 2011...what's my azam??erkk...

bWell, its quite past a few days right now to say NEW YEAR!...but hey..it is still new in this year!...( get it!)...ahh never mind.

So..what is my 'azam' for this year, too much to type on, but then. I wish my beautiful , lovely and harmony family always be blessed by Allah. Murahkan rezeki Mr.Hubby, because this year we are soooo gonna go traveling  with the girls( kan abg kan..kan..kan). Hopefully my sister(KakMin ) and I our project together on POPBITE gonna be a hit and  success..(amin!). Mama  n Ayah (my side), Mak n Abah (Mr.Hubby side)...wish you all a prosperity year(baru lepas makan mcD tadi...this word directly came across to my mind)
and me..gonna be a superdiva+hot mama...aisehh...slim down a bit..banyak betul baju tak muat kan.
I think that's about it...kalau ada azam baru...i go on je nanti.


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