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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Its been a while..

Bila tengok entry yang terakhir..mak datok lamanya tak update blog. Sejak pindah ke bahagian baru its quite busy actually. Really squeeze the brain to produce all sorts of work. But then, i had fun doing it, working in positive environment really pushes me harder. Well nothing much to type on, but i will be back on track to update it, (harap2 le).
Oh, ya..elmeera will be one  this month, and i still breastfeed her( part-time)..which i story later. Need to go back now, amik aleesya kat nursery and off we go. Nasib baik nursery kat sama bangunan, senang sikit. BYE!
elmeera doing her stone face

sedang warm-up


berpaut pada lengan papa( yang sedang tido)

havin' fun on the carpet ride..

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