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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breast Milk Ice Cream~~for selling( euww!!)

Monday Blues ~ is all i can say when i woke up this morning. Need to hurry up to go to work , firstly ,solat subuh then need 20 minutes to pumped BM  for elmeera.. after that making peanut+butter+strawberry jam sandwich for aleesya and Mr.Hubby(so they can eat in the car)...and off to work.
    Sesudahnya sampai...enter the lift and when  reached at  level 3 ..pass pulak tinggal ...haihhh! As i was singing slowly and making my way to my desk, my desk is clear and clean as always--put all the bags on the chair(4 bags-telekung bag/laptop/beg susu/hand bag), switch on the PC, click Mozilla then appeared yahoo as my current homepage...and one of these headlines really caught my eyes- BREAST MILK ICE CREAM-ANYONE?..WOOHOOOO
    It's not that i'm so shock about it, had read about it before --- about a mother who are making her cookies with her BM. I think that's fine by me..ye lahh kan..sapa yang makan tu, surely dah di inform and tau her amazing cookies  made out by her BM.
   For this new story, for me its totally wrong --this ice cream shop using 15 mothers to produce milk and  supply  to them..(the news said 'donor'--yolah tu)...and then " it's pure, organic, free-range and totally natural"
oh god!..it will be the last thing on my mind if i really want an ice cream. Then, come across on my mind...Islam is particular about this-susu ibuan and all this..takkan ada susu ibuan omputih tetiba kan. Well Islam is beautiful right when its comes to this. To read more about the news..click here.

yummy ice cream-free BM-hehe
Hehe...teman xcited sangat citer kali ni. Tapi kalau nak masak guna susu teman..tak cukup punya la..dah la dalam stok ada cukup-cukup untuk elmeera minum. Boleh bayangkan mula Mr.Hubby kalau bagitau dia cerita ni..

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