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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Brand New Life---It's never to late ( to share..*wink*)

Revolution!! I'm gonna start a new brand kind of living . What i can said that its been a long time ago when hubby Mr.zaini ask me to do a writing ( or do anything about writing). With career that need you to get ready all the time and my life so busy with preparing all those thing that mommy need to do.
Anak baru 2 dah tercungap-cungap. Belum lagi nak penuhkan kuota lagi 4 ( nak 6 anak..hehe!)Its been a while i love to read others blogger blog. Some of them informative, some of them make me wanna read what is their opinions on new issues, some of them i'm already mark favourite and some of them share a new recipes that makes me eager to cook(dah print resepi ..tapi tak penah cuba masak..huhu).

So, until when i'm gonna read all these beautiful/informative blog..i'm  would love to share my points of view also.Well , i had motivated myself to get ready this kinda new lifestyle( for me!) Just bare in mind its never too late or don't stressed out if you're too busy..Make some of time for sharing.. Kalau tak mula sekarang, bila??

MuaH xoxo..

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