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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pop Cake Sensations!!

So I love to cook or bake. Of course.I'm not that so called professional , just need to try and and make mistakes again and again and again,  learning process along the way .You all do that too, right? Right?hehe
After surfing and searching recipes, one  day i bumped into this wonderful website called Bakerella, she made a mini dessert extravaganzas called- cake pops, it was fantastic, tiny frosted cake nibbles on a stick. So brilliant. So CUTE. So very, very perfect for hantaran, a birthday or a baby shower.
Kak ena khusyuk tangkap gambar hasil pop cake studentnya
Then i meet  kak ena(popcake2u)---a master /guru who teach me how to make a perfect pop cake. Thank u kak ena...jasa mu dikenang ..betul2 berbaloi belajar dengan akak.

My ultimate Pop Cake

Chicky..actually on the left it quite like owl..don't u think..*wink*
Yummy--choc cake flavoured.

Mushromm--cute kan

  I had so many ideas in my waiting list project(pop cake).This is so exciting !!

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